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Lebanon Situation

Lebanon lies at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and it has a long and rich history. This area has hosted some of the oldest human settlements and civilizations and for more than three thousand years is considered a dominant center of trade and culture. This heritage has cultivated a mercantile culture and a culture of respect of ethnic and religious diversity, functioning as the crossroads of civilizations.

Lebanon has suffered a lot during the past 10 years. One of the key issues Lebanon is facing is the refugee crisis as the impact of the Syrian Civil War. Moreover, the recent years, Lebanon is on an ongoing financial crisis, as a result of a liquidity crisis that occurred due to the drop of the exchange rate between the Lebanese Pound and the US Dollar. At the begging of 2020, the Pandemic of Covid-19 has come to worsen even more the effects of this crisis.

The Lebanese people had already enough challenges and crises to face, but their suffering had not finished yet. On 4th of August a deadly blast at the port of Beirut killed more than 160 people, wounded at least 6000, and destroyed a significant part of the Lebanese capital, Beirut. Key infrastructures in the port area were affected with dramatic impact and more than 80,000 families have suffered significant losses and damage to their homes.