Paddle for Beirut

“Paddle for Beirut” is inspired by Christis Michaelides and aims to raise awareness of Lebanon’s crises and funds for supporting the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC).

Lebanon has suffered a lot during the past 10 years. Besides the refugee and financial crisis, on 4th of August a deadly blast at the port of Beirut killed more than 160 people, wounded at least 6,000, and destroyed a part of Beirut. Μore than 80,000 families have suffered significant losses and damage to their homes.

As a result of the blast the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) has geared up for a long-term response to this crisis, beyond the most immediate of basic needs. The bulk of LRC’s efforts will be to provide direct, unconditional financial support to up to 10,000 of the most affected families.

Christis will paddle on a SUP board from Cyprus to Beirut on 15th October 2020.  The crossing is 200km and will take three days to complete.  This effort aims to create awareness of the devastation in Lebanon and raise funds for the Lebanese Red Cross.